CPC Office Technologies

CPC Office Technologies

Copy Products Company faced a huge challenge as they continued to grow their Managed I.T. Services business: the name did not fit the offering. In addition, the dealership's website did not position the business as a team of I.T. professionals. While long-term clients trusted the dealership for I.T., it became a growing challenge to build trust with new clients. To solve this problem, the dealership rebranded as CPC Office Technologies. Dealer Marketing supported the initiative by building a mobile-responsive web presence that featured the dealership's full capabilities as a total technology services provider.

CPC Office Technologies iPad View

Managed I.T. Services Content

The new website features multiple pages of content describing CPC's I.T. capabilities. When prospects visit the website the content reinforces the dealership's credibility as an I.T. provider. This helps the sales team close new 


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Mobile-Responsive Pages

While over 50% of Google's search traffic comes from mobile devices, around 20% of a copier dealership's web traffic originates on smartphones. Much of this traffic is directed at service pages. CPC's new website is mobile-responsive. This means the website looks great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We've also included click-to-call functionality that makes it easy for a customer to place a support call.

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Transitioning To The New Brand

With a large body of copier customers that knew the dealership and Copy Products, we wanted to make sure there was no confusion with the new company name. The banner on the home page clearly announces the transition to the new name. The rest of the homepage explains the expanded value proposition.

CPC Office Technologies Verticals

Vertical Market Content

The new website features content aimed at the core vertical markets that CPC serves. Messaging to the verticals explains how CPC's hardware, software, and services can benefit each industry. This helps facilitate sales conversations with key prospects.

Testimonials CPC


Every page of the website features testimonials from current clients, reinforcing the dealership's credibility as a total solutions provider.