Pivotal Business Systems

Pivotal Business Systems

Pivotal Business Systems wanted to reposition their business from a hardware provider to a total solutions provider. We helped them create a new message around "Turning Technology Into Competitive Advantage". In addition to showcasing the dealership's full suite of services, the new website is optimized to look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

Pivotal Business Systems Website

Solutions Value Proposition

We created messaging that explains Pivotal's value proposition. The Pivotal Philosophy explains the three P's of their process: people, process, and possibilities. This reinforces the message the sales team delivers in the field, helping support the sales process.

Graphical Menus

Navigation is simplified by gorgeous menus that include graphics along with the links. This gives visitors visual cues as to the topics covered in each seciton of the site.

Pivotal Business iPhone

Mobile Optimization

With a growing percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices, Pivotal wanted to make sure their website provided a great experience for mobile visitors. The new website makes it easy for mobile visitors to navigate.