Reading is the source of great ides.  Here are some of our favorite books.


Do It Right: A CEO's Guide To Web Strategy is near and dear to our hearts since it was written by our own Chief Web Architect, Corey Smith.  This presents web marketing as a business strategy.  Content is presented in a non-technical way.


If there is one author that defines our marketing strategy it is Jay Abraham and his strategy of preeminence.  He explains it clearly in Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got.  Jay's concepts are pivotal to who we are as a company and how we market.  Our goal is to help our dealership clients be seen as the "most trusted advisors" in their market.  This helps position effectively against OEM direct competitors, create leads and support managed services sales.  Definitely read this book.


Re-imagine by the guru Tom Peters will challenge your thinking into how your business works.  These ideas are especially helpful as we work to reimagine what our industry, business model and sales strategies will look like in the years to come.