Creating content is biggest challenge of developing an online marketing and social selling strategy for your copier dealership. Google wants fresh content to index and you need articles for your sales reps to share. Writing new articles each week can be time consuming. Put our team of writers to work for you. Each week you’ll get a great-looking blog article on your website that relates to the products, services and solutions you sell.

What We Do


Custom Content

Google penalizes companies that copy and paste content from other websites. We develop custom blog articles to help your company get found. We’ll collaborate with you to select relevant topics that highlight the benefits of your solutions. For example, if you are about to do a push on network security we can focus blog posts around that topic. Each blog post is customized to your dealership.



Properly Configured

Each blog article is properly configured to be both easy to read and easy for search engines to index. Our best practices include using headers/sub-headers, lists, and internal links to other pages on your website. Each blog post includes a feature image that will appear when the blog is shared on social media. We also configure your blog to be mobile-friendly so it looks great on desktops, tablets, and smart phones.


Delivered Weekly

Consistency is the key. Our team makes sure you have a new blog article every week. That ensures your website is fresh and your sales people always have new ideas to share on LinkedIn.


Industry News Feeds

News, press releases and case studies from your hardware and software partners are automatically posted to the news page of your site. This provides more content on your site and closely aligns you with your technology partners. It also gives your sales reps articles to share that link to your website instead of the OEM site.


How You Benefit

1. Blogging Gives You an Advantage Early In the Sales Process

Have you noticed that today's buyer is further along in the sales cycle than ever before? That's because buyers do research online before they engage a sales rep. We've always said that the first rep in the deal has a major advantage. When your website contains helpful information you can position yourself as the "first rep in" and earn the spot of a trusted advisor early in the sales cycle.

2. Blogging is the Foundation of Search Engine Optimization

The more content you have on your website the more content Google has to index. This helps you with Search Engine Optimization. According to a 2012 Hubspot study, companies with 101-200 pages generate 2.5 more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages. When you add four blog posts to your site every month along with industry news feeds and a product catalog it won't be long until you have hundreds of pages of content for Google to index.

3. Blogging Provides Relevant Information to Share on Social Media

The most effective social media posts link back to helpful ideas that you have created. This shows that your company has unique ideas that could be helpful. Custom posts on your blog can be shared on your company social media pages. They can also be shared by your sales team, helping position them as experts.  


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