Would you like more leads from your website? Start seeing your website more like a sales rep by making sure your website is always closing for the next step. Just a sales rep closes for the next step at each stage in the sales process, your website needs to do the same thing. Calls-to-Action (CTA’s) from Dealer Marketing help provide an easy way for prospects to request information throughout the buying cycle, transforming your website into a lead-generating machine.

What We Do

Call-to-Action Strategy

You need a CTA strategy for your website. Visitors to your website come at various stages of the buying process. Some are ready to talk to your sales team or request a quote. Others are in the early stages of the buying process, researching their options. With our CTA strategy, we’ll identify appropriate CTA’s for visitors at the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buying process.



Buyers Guides, eBooks, and Special Reports

Providing high-value content to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information helps turn website visitors into sales leads. Relevant Buyer’s Guides, eBooks, and Special Reports are promoted in the sidebar of your website and blog pages. For example, a blog article about IT security might feature a special report on Five Overlooked Security Risks. This links to a landing page where the visitor can download the report. When the report is downloaded, your sales team get notified instantly.


Landing Pages

Each Buyer’s Guide, eBook, or Special Report will have its own landing page with a description of the what the visitor will get and a form. These landing pages transform your website from an information hub to a lead-gathering platform.


Relevant to the Page Topic

Our related content technology serves up CTA’s that are relevant to the page topic. For example, if the blog article is about workflow optimization, we might serve up a CTA related to workflow. On a page related to managed services, we might serve up a Buyer’s Guide to Managed Network Services. By aligning the CTA’s with the page topic visitors are more likely to find the information they need, increasing lead conversion rates.