Website Content

For most dealers writing content is the most challenging part of developing a new website.  Not only is it a lot of work, writing content for a website is different than writing content for a proposal or brochure.  You need to consider how the pages flow together.  You need to make sure the content fits with the overall theme of the site.  Most of all, you need to make sure the content is written to be easy for Google to index.

Crystalize Your Message

One of the best parts of building a website is that it challenges you to nail down the message of your dealership.  This is especially important as you move into new business areas like managed services.  

Write From Your Clients’ Perspective

When writing web content it is all to easy to make two mistakes.  The first mistake is to write content that focuses on how great your business is.  While it is important to present your dealership as a competent organization, the first question your client has is, “What’s in it for me.”  The second mistake is to use a bunch of industry jargon.  When we write content we write with the client in mind.  What’s important to them?  What challenges are they facing in their business?  How can we help them succeed?

Organize For The Web

Websites need to draw readers in.  No matter what page they begin with the content should lead them toward wanting to contact you to learn more.  One component of this is putting links to relevant content throughout the site.  Another aspect is adding hyperlinks inside the content that allow the visitor to learn more.

Help Out Google

Your dealership needs to be found in search engines.  This begins with good content.  When we look at a lot of dealers sites we often discover that there isn’t much content on the site.  This means that Google doesn’t have much to index.  We write your content with Google in mind.  We also do the behind-the-scenes work adding page descriptions and meta data to your content to make sure that your site is easy for Google to index.

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