Graphic Design

Your website is the online foundation of your brand.  It needs to closely align with your dealership’s brand identity while conveying a sense of confidence.  You can look to our professional graphic designers to build a website that enhances your brand.  Or, you can engage us to develop a fresh brand for your dealership.

Prime Office Copier Dealer Website

Branded to Your Dealership

You have made significant investments in your brand that are spread across your signage, stationary and sales collateral.  We will work to make sure that your web site and social media sites coordinate with your brand. 

Duplicator Sales

Current Design Standards

To look current on the internet your website should be in line with current styles.  We are beginning to see more long-page design where you can scroll down the home page to get a full picture of your dealership.  We’re also using more multi-column drop down menus (mega menus) to cleanly organize the wide variety of products, services and solutions that you sell.   You can see examples of long-page design and mega menus on this site and many of our newest dealer sites.

Datamax Mobile Site Preview

Look Great on Mobile Devices

Over 50% of Google’s search traffic comes from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.  While most of our clients have about 20% of their traffic from mobile devices, much of this traffic is from clients looking to place a service call or order supplies.  As a result it is critical that your site be easy to use on mobile phones.  We design your site to look great on whatever device your visitor uses.

Get Started

To get a website that matches your brand and uses current design standards contact us now.