Product Catalogs

One of the biggest challenges in managing your dealership’s website is keeping the product catalog updated.  This is especially challenging with multiple brands of copiers, printers, production devices, digital duplicators, wide format machines and scanners.  

You can relax.  We manage product catalogs for every brand and model of print-related hardware you sell.  Each device has a page that describes the device, shows a picture of the unit and links to the brochure(s).  When OEM’s launch new products we add them to the product catalog.  This makes it easy to ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the right product information.

Your Options for Product Catalogs

Over the years you have likely tried many different things for product catalogs:
  1. Option one is to try to manage product catalogs yourself, adding new pages to your website for every new model that is launched.  Because of the sheer number of models involved, this takes a lot of time.  It’s easy to get behind.
  2. Option two is to link to the OEM’s websites.  There are two problems with this.  First, your prospect just left your website and may not come back.  Second, most OEM’s have direct locations that compete with you.  While you can’t prevent competition, there is no need to make it easy to find your competitor!
  3. Option three is to not have a product catalog.  Some dealerships that don't want to be seen as a hardware company take this route.  This may make sense for you.  However, you lose the ability for prospects to find your dealership if they are looking for a specific product.  You also lose the ability for your sales reps to send links to pages with product information and brochures.

A Better Option

Fortunately, there is a fourth option.  We've built a system that makes it easy to manage products on your website.  Adding a new product is as simple as clicking a button.

Complete Control

We built our product catalog feature to give you complete control over the models that appear on your website.  If you only carry part of a manufacturer’s product line you can simply select the models you want to appear on  your site.  If your manufacturer launches a new product but you’ve got a dozen of the previous model in your warehouse you don’t have to show that product on your site until you are ready.

Flexible Layout

Our product catalogs look great on both desktop computers and mobile devices.  We also give you flexible choices as to how the products or organized.  You may want to organize your catalog by brands.  Alternatively, you may want to organize your catalog by product types.  For example, you might want to create a catalog for “Workgroup Multifunction Systems” that includes devices from the three OEM’s you represent.  

Search Engine Friendly

Adding more pages to your website gives Google more content to index while making your dealership’s website seem like it is full of helpful information.  While your dealership might only have 20 pages of content in the main site, when you have a page for each product you carry your website can now have well over 100 pages.  This makes your site look like a helpful resource to Google.

Get Started

If you need a product catalog for you current website or would like to develop a new site that includes managed product catalogs contact us today.