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One of the best ways to get involved in more deals is to get on page one of Google.  Think about it.  When you go to buy something, you do your research online.  When a competitor’s sales rep goes to talk to a CFO about managed services, where do you think they go for more information?  Search Engine Optimization requires both expertise and consistent work.  Our team delivers results using our proven process.

What We Do

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO requires different levels of effort depending on the level of competition in your market. We will develop a custom strategy to boost your search ranking for key search terms in the markets you serve. Optimizing your site for the search engine includes both on-page and off-page strategies. Beyond fine tuning the titles, headlines, and contextual content of pages on your website; we may also adjust the URL structure of each page on your site. Strategies may include: tweaking page titles, header tags, alternative image tags, URL’s. We'll also optimize your Google My Business pages.


Special Report Google and Your Dealership

Our Three-Tier Approach

The best SEO strategy is to take a three-tier approach that combines the above SEO tactics with regular content updates and social media posts:

  1. On Page and Off Page Search Engine Strategies:  The two strategies above help you optimize your site for Google.
  2. Content Updates:  Regularly adding custom content to your blog gives Google fresh content to index.  more»
  3. Social Media Posts:  Every time you post to pages like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn these posts get indexed by Google providing multiple ways for people to find your dealership.  These posts also create inbound links to your company website.  more»