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Social media may be the biggest untapped resource in your copier dealership.  How can you look like a technology leader if your company is not using the hottest new technologies like social media?  

While your sales team should be actively involved in sites like LinkedIn as a part of their prospecting process, your company should also have an active social media presence.  The challenge is that keeping LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook updated requires daily effort.  In the rush of selling and delivering, it’s hard to keep social media sites updated.  

We can help.  You get fresh posts to your social media pages, which may include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, on a consistent basis so your followers can track industry related news and information.  In addition to posting useful industry information, we work with you to add local information about your dealership to build your company's personality.

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Social Media Updates

We post content to your company's LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages.  We work to link to items like blog posts on your website that drive traffic to your company.  This ensures that there is always fresh, relevant information on your social media pages.

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Sales Coaching

Social media becomes highly effective when your sales team gets engaged.  We'll teach your sales team the secrets to use social to generate new leads, position themselves as experts and gather helpful information on their target accounts with LinkedIn Coaching through our friends at the Social Sales Academy.

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