Special Features

Since we only work with office equipment dealers we have developed special features that you will appreciate.

What We Do

Service Portal Integration

Creating a seamless online service experience for your clients is important. We are experienced in integrating logins for service platforms like Digital Gateway and OMD. This can include embedding the login scripts directly into your site as well as customizing the service portal so it matches your branding.


Related Content

To keep visitors on your website you need to draw them in with helpful information. The Related Content feature shows relevant blog articles and calls-to-action on each page. For example, if the page content is about “Multifunction Systems” the sidebar might feature “A Buyer’s Guide to Multifunction Systems” along with three recent blog articles related to MFP’s. This ensures that visitors find helpful information that draws them into your site.


Employee Directory

Social networking platforms like LinkedIn help create connections to your company. You can extend this on your website with an employee directory that allows visitors to put a face with a name. Your key personnel can be featured on the site along with contact information and/or links to their social profiles.


Industry News

If you want to be seen as closely aligned with your technology partners our Office Product News service streams relevant news from you OEM partners to a page on your website and social channels. This provides a steady source of content while also presenting your dealership as a technology leader.


Google Analytics

All of our sites include Google Analytics. This free tool from Google lets you see many aspects of the effectiveness of your website including how many people are coming to your site, where they come from, what pages they visit and how long they stay. This gives us good information to review with you during our Strategic Marketing Reviews to identify areas for improvement.