Why We Exist

Dealer Marketing exists to help independent dealers win.  When you partner with Dealer Marketing you get much more than an agency that provides websites, online marketing and social sales coaching.  You get partner that knows the copier industry. We understand the goals you are aiming toward and the challenges you face.

We take a different approach to marketing.  We believe that marketing should be squarely aimed at solving business problems and helping you achieve your goals.  Over the past 21 years our team has seen every side of the copier business development process.  We've been in copier sales and sales management.  Some of us were digital specialists and document management solution specialists.  We've worked for OEM's and we've run a branch.  In the past decade we've been inside hundreds of dealerships and worked with some of the most progressive dealers in the world.

There are many challenges you face as a dealership.  Here are our thoughts realted to some of the most common (and important) challenges dealers face:

Convert Copier Customers Into Managed Services Clients

You need a strategy to grow recurring revenue while protecting your base in the midst of intense competiion.  Managed Services may be the best opportunity in front of you.  However, to succeed in this business you need to look like a credible source of I.T. services.  That's where we can help...  Read More»

Create Sales Leads

You need leads if you are going to grow beyond just churning your MIF.  But while we need stick to sales fundamentals, the reality of changing buying habits poses serious challenges for our lead generation models as more of the first parts of the sales process are completed with information found through search engines like Google.  We can help you connect with prospects who are looking online early in the buying process...  Read More»

Win Against OEM Direct Competitors

You probably have OEM direct offices in your market.  New distribution models create frustration as margins erode by short-sighted reps selling on price only.  You know that you have distinct advantages over these locations.  We can help you differentiate...  Read More»

Recruit Great Reps

You need solid sales and technical people on your team.  When it comes to recruiting top talent you compete with many companies inside and outside the industry.  Your dealership needs to look like a great place to work.  We can help you position your dealership as a solid job choice... Read More»

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What goals and challenges does your dealership have?  We'd welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

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