Convert Copier Customers to Managed Services Clients

You have a base of hardware clients under attack from a barrage of competitors. You want to secure this base and generate new revenue by controlling their network infrastructure.  The challenge is that many dealers have gone down this road and only seen minimal success. What makes you different?

There are a lot of success factors in a managed services program. However, in the midst of business decisions about partners, personnel and pricing, one thing that often gets overlooked is marketing.  In fact, if you look at most failed managed services programs, you'll see that marketing was not a serious part of the dealership's plan.

With ineffective marketing you're dead in the water. Either your customers don't know about your managed service business, they don't understand how they benefit or they don't trust in your abilities to deliver. The good news is that you can use marketing to drive managed services sales in your current client base.

Create Awareness  

Marketing makes sure your current customers know about MPS or MNS. Every time they interact with your dealership they should get the message.

  • Messages about managed services on your website home page and in the support/meter reading areas 
  • Calls to action on your website that motivate current clients to ask for more information
  • Service call confirmation emails and leave-behind flyers that include informaiton about managed services 
  • Daily social media updates to your company sites (LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter, Facebook Page) that feature managed services
  • Placement on page one of Google for managed services in your market
  • Sales brochures and presentations that feature managed services

Communicate Value

Marketing ensures your current customers understand the value of your program and how they benefit.   This is done by educating them through multiple channels.
  • Blog posts (articles) on your website about networking and computers
  • Email campaigns that automatically send out a series of emails to reinforce sales calls
  • Webinars that highlight how clients can benefit from managed services
  • Website content that explains the benefits of managed services and supports your sales efforts

Build Trust

  • Website that makes you look like you've been in the networking business for years
  • Social media updates with helpful ideas on computer/networking issues
  • Case studies of companies that are benefitting from managed services
  • White papers or special reports that explain the benefits of managed services
  • Search engine optimization to appear on page one of Google when clients search for information about managed services
  • References from current clients on your website, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook

We Can Help Your Managed Services Program Succeed

We've given a lot of thought to this topic as we have helped dealers across the country. We help you develop and deploy a marketing strategy to cross-sell your current client base into managed services clients. Use the form below to arrange a confidential meeting.

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