Recruit The Best Sales Reps

You need great people to run your company.  You want to make sure your dealership looks like a great place to come to work and build a career.  We help you position your dealership as an attractive career choice.

There is a competitive market for good talent.  Successful sales reps and certified I.T. professionals have many options both inside our industry and outside the industry.  Some of these opportunities are with large companies that can seem very   When they look at your company online do they get excited about the possibility of coming to work for you?

Potential employees are one of the most important visitors to your website and social media pages.  Just like prospective customers size you up online, potential candidates also form opinions of your company.  This often happens before you even meet them.  

Look Like a Great Place to Work

Candidates are considering spending most of their waking hours being a part of your team.  While compensation packages are important there are other intangibles that people consider before interviewing or accepting a job.  Does your company look like a good place to work?  Is there a good atmosphere?  Are there promotion opportunities?  Does the company seem to care about its employees?  Your website and social media channels need to answer these questions.  These intangibles are especially important as more and more millennials enter the work force. 

Clearly Explain the Benefits

Prospective employees and their spouses have many questions when considering a job change.  They want to know how it will impact their family.  Does the company provide benefits?  Will there be training provided?  Will this be a good fit with the family?  

Make It Easy to Apply

Much of the initial part of the application process can begin online.  It should be easy to apply with forms on your website where candidates can upload resumes and basic job application information.  Online personality tests can be integrated to determine whether a candidate is a good fit.  Automated confirmation emails can guide them through the next steps of the process helping reduce the administrative burden on your managers. 

Get Started

You can look to Dealer Marketing to help you build an attractive careers section on your website.  We’ll help you position your company as a great place to work.  Download ou special report on How To Use Your Website to Recruit Great Candidates.  Contact us today a complimentary evaluation of your website from the perspective of a potential employee.  

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