Create New Sales Leads

You depend on a steady stream of sales leads.  The challenge is that the world is changing.  You used to be able to send your sales reps out with a stack of business cards to make their 20-30 cold calls a day, get demos and create opportunities.  Success in today's world takes new strategies.  We can help you take advantage of the internet to create new sales leads and support them through the close.


In the days of cold calls and demos, marketing wasn't that important.  However, in today's online world, the first impression you make is often with your website or social media properties.  We help you turn these into assets that create new leads and support your sales process.

Generate Leads

  • Get on page one of Google for key search terms like "managed print services" and "copiers"
  • Place calls-to-action across your website to get visitors to request information, special reports or special offers
  • Generate top of mind awareness by providing information for your sales reps to share on social media
  • Deploy automated email campaigns targeted at vertical markets

Provide A Great First Impression

  • Keep your website and social media channels (LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter, Facebook Page) updated with relevant information
  • Present professionally-branded website and sales collateral that make a great first impression
  • Brand your social media sites to match your website

Build Credibility

  • Make sure your sales reps have LinkedIn pages with complete profiles and fresh information
  • Feature client references and case studies on your website and online in Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Provide client education opportunities through webinars, white papers or lunch-and-learn events

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